Our Story

Warrior the Centre is an Australian born and bred fitness culture whose origins stem from Mackay, Queensland.

We aim to help realise the Warrior within us all.

Everyday, each of us wake to face some form of challenge. These challenges maybe internal or external, however, despite these differences one thing is ultimately clear. No matter the challenge, the end goal always remains the same for everyone. That goal is to better ourselves in both the mind and body every single day.

With this ethos at the heart of the brand. Both owners are a true example of this with Luke having fought off cancer and a self proclaimed 'fit geek' who researches everything he can.

Then you have his wife Rebecca who has swam all over the world as a member of the Australian team. Bec takes on any challenge with such desire and tenacity, she is a true 'Amazonian' warrior.

At Warrior the aim to help educate our members and turn them from everyday malingers (inactive) to an everyday athletes (active and able to conquer any one of life's challenges)

We aim to to do this via four main pillars
* Accountability/Motivation
* Structured and Goal focused Programming
*Quality Coaching and Guidance at every hour we are open
* Fun - with out this then what else do you have

We believe in passion, integrity, and respect – the foundation of the entire Warrior brand. We warmly invite you to share in this ethos by living your life with these values at your core.

All our staff will support you on your journey.

Release your inner Warrior and join the Tribe!