Up Close with Rebecca

At W-Active Wear we believe in hard work and strive to create Active Wear that will not only compete, but stand out from the crowd. With this ethos, we chose Rebecca Goodale to represent our brand and after reading her bio, we think you will agree! 

Rebecca Goodale (formerly Kemp) is one of the most competitive people you will ever meet and this passion for a challenge has served her well.  

Rebecca has represented Australia at both junior and senior levels in swimming which has given her the opportunity to travel the world competing at a highly dedicated sport.  Now, retired from swimming she has taken up a new passion and this is one where she enjoys giving back.  Now a head trainer at the highly successful ‘Warrior the Centre’ facility in Mackay.  She is helping people realise their goals and map out a plan for their own health and fitness journeys.   

"I just love to see people excel and achieve things that they never thought possible. Whether that be a pull up or losing 5kg’s it’s the most rewarding thing to experience."  

Although not competing on a National level anymore that passion for competition has not left and you may all see her back in the winner’s circle in the not too distant future - just not in the pool but maybe on the stage.