Benefits and Steps of Candlestick Exercise for Toning Body

Staying in shape is not just about aesthetics, but it also mirrors one's confidence and vitality. Many of us struggle with managing those extra pounds that tend to accumulate around our midsection. This excess fat can impede our mobility and herald a host of health issues. However, there is one exercise that can help beat the bulge while enhancing core strength and balance—the candlestick exercise.

The candlestick dipper is a dynamic move with roots in calisthenics and Pilates, focusing mainly on the obliques, the abs, and, to a lesser extent, the lower back. It's a fantastic exercise for those looking to target the "muffin top" or the cumulative fat around the belly and hips. Beyond its aesthetic benefits, the candlestick exercise is integral for developing enhanced body control and serves as a foundation for complex gymnastic and calisthenic movements.

The Techniques of the Candlestick Exercise:

1. Start by kneeling on your right knee, while extending the left leg to the side, foot firmly planted on the ground.
2. Ensure that your left foot is parallel to your right knee.
3. Extend your arms straight above your head, fingers joined except for the first two, akin to the "Charlie's Angels" gun gesture.
4. With your torso straight, lean sideways at the waist as far to the right as possible, counterbalancing the side your leg is extended.
5. Pause for a moment before returning to the neutral starting position.
6. Execute the recommended reps before switching to the other side to maintain balance in your workout.

During the candlestick dips, the rectus abdominis plays a support and balance role, even though it's not the main muscle at work. Moving from the skewed 'candlestick' position back to standing involves a substantial amount of strength. It's during this transition that the rectus abdominis acts against momentum, aiding in the overall strength necessary for repeating the exercise.

There are substantial benefits to incorporating candlestick dips into your fitness regimen. The core and upper body strength required to execute this exercise can have far-reaching impacts on your overall health and athletic performance. The invigorating posture engages your entire body, potentially enhancing flexibility in your neck, shoulders, legs, and back.

But the benefits of this exercise don't just end with physical fitness. Due to the position, which elevates your heart above your head, more blood and oxygen are supplied to your brain, which may increase your daytime energy levels and boost your efficiency in daily tasks. Moreover, the meditative quality of yoga, from which this exercise takes a leaf, has been shown to combat insomnia and aid in achieving restful sleep.

The candlestick exercise activates numerous muscle groups, fostering improved muscular coordination—vital for those with physically demanding jobs or an active lifestyle. For children, the potential for relaxation and fun is an added advantage. This exercise can be made into a partner or group activity, allowing participants to improve their social and communicative skills while getting fit.

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