300 Workout: Boosting Military Fitness Test Scores and Stamina

Are you finding it challenging to sustain your muscular strength and enhance your running performance? This is a common issue among individuals preparing for military fitness tests, which often include calisthenics and running. This is especially true for those who previously focused on strength sports and didn't incorporate higher-repetition activities or running into their regimen. Military fitness tests typically involve pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups or planks, and timed runs ranging from 1.5 to 3 miles. These tests may require more preparation than you anticipate.

To improve your performance, consider adding multiple sets of goal-paced running to your training routine to build endurance and the pace necessary for future tests, boot camps, military training, and special ops selection. The following workout, known as the "300 Workout," is adaptable and can be made easier by reducing the weight, removing weight vests, decreasing repetitions, or incorporating 400-meter runs.

The "300 Workout" involves six different exercises, each performed 50 times. Another version of this workout, inspired by the Spartan 300, is designed to complete 50 repetitions of each exercise one at a time, followed by an 800-meter run. You can opt to do all 50 repetitions in one set or break them down into several sets as needed. Rest periods should be taken between each set and before transitioning to the runs.

The goal is to maintain your run at your target pace. If you find the first 400 meters challenging, push through it and aim to increase your speed during the second 400 meters. Equipment options for the push press include a 10- to 20-pound weight vest, a barbell, an ammo can, or a sandbag within the 50- to 100-pound range. For dumbbell or kettlebell rows, aim for weights within the 50- to 75-pound range. For push-ups, consider a 30- to 40-pound weight vest or a bench press with 50%-75% of your body weight on the bar. Adjust the workout as needed based on your capacity.

This workout is intense. The 300 repetitions alone will test most athletes, and the six 800-meter runs at your goal pace are equally challenging. To determine your goal pace, consider your current timed run score. For instance, if you run two miles in 13 minutes, your current mile pace is 6:30. Your new goal pace would be six minutes, meaning your aim for these 800-meter (half-mile) runs would be three minutes.

While you may not yet be able to run a full mile at this pace, you can likely manage it for 400-800 meters. This workout also includes a "Mobility Day" version, which serves as an excellent cooldown option after any workout. This cardio/mobility cooldown is particularly beneficial when incorporating high miles of running, faster running, and higher repetitions into your routine.

Lastly, remember to focus on your breathing during the cooldown's cardio and stretching/massage portion. Box-breathing or deep breathing can help you relax, reduce your heart rate, and mitigate other stress responses.

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