Gluta - L-Glutamine (250 grams)

Gluta - L-Glutamine (250 grams)
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GLUTA  (L-Glutamine)

WARRIOR GLUTA –  This is for those that don’t like being sick, tired of unnecessary stress and prefer a regular digestion function (we know what this means).
Then this is a supplement in its purest form with NO ineffective frills just straight up 100% L-Glutamine.  GLUTA contains one of the most abundantly occurring amino acid in the skeletal muscle tissue, and aids the immune and digestive systems.  Can also be effective in maintaining nitrogen transportation and lowering stress levels.
So if you are serious about becoming a well oiled machine then this is the perfect addition to your daily routined shake

Directions for use:

Normal usage is 2-5g immediately after exercise training. One should consult their practitioner before using any supplementation. This product should not be used by children under 15 years of age or pregnant females.


L Glutamine (100%)